Professional Development

Hopscotch OT can provide professional development to teachers and parents on the following topics:

  • Handwriting: gaining an understanding of the many physical and cognitive demands of handwriting and how to assist students struggling with handwriting in the classroom.
  • Sensory Processing and Self Regulation explained and practical strategies for the classroom
  • Toilet training
  • Motor Coordination Difficulties: what are they, how do they impact children and how to address difficulties in the classroom or at home.

Preschool and School Consultation Services

Many schools do not have access to an OT on staff. Using Hopscotch OT’s consultative service is a great way to have an OT on your team when required. We can tailor services to the unique needs of your school. Some ideas of services that may useful to your school are:

  • Funding assessments and reports
  • Setting up sensory friendly spaces or classrooms
  • Group programs tailored to meet the needs or your students
  • Support and training to teachers and support staff
  • Working in collaboration with teachers or support staff to develop group programs to be run by your staff

Clinical Supervision for Occupational Therapists

Jodie Lang has 12 years experience as an occupational therapists and has many years of experience in supervising OT’s. Jodie can provide clinical supervision on many topics and sessions will be based around your individual learning needs. Some topics that sessions may cover include:

  • Use of standardised and functional assessments
  • Family centered practice (strengths based approach, using a coaching approach, collaborative goal setting with families)
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Specific Learning Disorders (the OT role with assessment and intervention for Dysgraphia)
  • Sensory Processing, Using the Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance model in practice
  • Writing reports for school funding and VCAA applications
  • Toilet training, school readiness, social skills and much more

Please contact us on 1300 467 192 or to discuss how we can assist you.