The first step is for the OT to complete a thorough assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and gather information from parents and educators to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child. Assessment may occur at the clinic, via Telehealth, school, child care or kindergarten, depending on where your child needs help and what suits your family best. Hopscotch OT can complete a range of assessments dependent on the needs of the child. We complete both functional and standardised assessment. A functional assessment involves observation of your child completing a task e.g. riding a bike, or observing your child in the classroom completing a regular classroom activity. Standardised assessments provide a measure of how well your child is performing with skills compared with children of the same age. We can complete standardised assessment of fine and gross motor skills, handwriting and sensory processing. Standardised assessments are required when applying for funding or special provisions (e.g. VCAA application) or as part of a diagnostic process.

Next we arrange a feedback session with parents, and educators if appropriate, so that the assessment results can be discussed and we can collaborate to set realistic goals that are important to you and your child. We then organise an individualized program that best suits your child and family, considering the best venue for therapy and frequency of sessions. We offer flexible service delivery as we believe that each family is unique. Service delivery may be in the form of 1:1 therapy, Telehealth, group sessions or a consultative service with parents and teachers.